I was in a parenting class on Wednesday. I go to them nearly every week. There, I was handed a synopsis of Maria Montessori's (1870-1952) ideas. I knew them and loved them, but I had never seen this last statement:
"Montessori was deeply impressed by the extent to which nature invigorates the child.
When young children are given opportunities to freely explore and study nature,
they become happy and serene.
Contact with nature seems to fulfill a vital emotional need."  I wanted to fill my children with all of those benefits.
On Saturday, the weather warmed, and Andrew suggested that we take a trip to Mesa Falls.
I jumped at the chance, because I had just read the serenity that my children will experience when they come in contact with nature.

Sadly, the road to Mesa Falls was closed, so we backtracked to Warm River.  I just wanted to get the children outside to touch nature.
It was a success.  We felt invigorated, happy and serene.
We found friends who introduced us to a killer fish feeding spot.

We fed monster trout in the impossibly clear river, and watched wild otter play.  It was wonderful.
I had to include this picture because I thought that I looked kind of cute, even though both of our eyes were closed.
Thanks, Maria Montessori for inspiring a great day.