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What goals am I actively working toward right now?

Right now, as in March 26, 2017...

I am trying to be perfect in the Body for Life program.  I am working on losing weight, gaining muscle, and being strong, fit, good looking, and healthy.  I have been working on this since December 5, 2016, and I have not missed a day of exercise.  I am honing my eating to have it work perfectly.  I learn a little more every day.

I am working on hearing Heavenly Father.  I want to keep His commands perfectly so that I can hear more.  I love Him.

I am working on balancing Knox's brain, so that he can comprehend the world, have empathy, and self control.  He is a delight.

I am working on SEEING my children, understanding who they ARE, and not only treat them accordingly, but also put opportunities in front of them that will help them in THEIR specific missions.

I am working on teaching my children to work, and take care of themselves and others.

I am working on being a servant, and being confident …

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