Awful Pictures, Great Bagley Reunion 2008

I have to apologize upfront for the awful and scant pictures. My camera was rebelling this weekend where the best family on the planet happened to all converge at Lava Hot Springs, Idaho. I apologize for the fuzziness.

This weekend over 100 members of the Floyd and Vivian Bagley Family (with a capital 'F', because they are such an extraordinary family) converged on the little town of Lava Hot Springs, Idaho for a family reunion. We swam, ate, had a skit night, tubed down the river, had a late night sing-along, and ate again.

It was joy.


I'm so sad I missed it this year! Thanks for the pictures, it looked like so much fun! I totally miss going to Lava. Jon would love it--as would Sevy. Maybe if I pull off going up there next summer we'll have our own John Bagley reunion and go to Lava. I'll even have Sevy sing for the talent show!
candicerail said…
Oh, Katrina, to have Sevy sing. She is Grandad's favorite and we all love her. I expect Teik to dance. I am trying to think of something to do as a family reunion next year. If the Disney Cruise falls through, I think Lava would be most excellent.
Kerianne said…
I am so glad you took so many pictures. We barley took A ONE! I love this! Thanks for being a Bagley Blogger.
Dan said…
I agree with Keri. We hardly took any photos at the reunion. I'm so glad you did. And especially the video.