January 2017

I was nervous about Christmas break. A whole month and a half (including Knox's preschool break and extreme cold school outages) with just me and the children.  No gymnastics, no Madison Cares classes, no BYUI Preschool, etc.  The town of Rexburg makes its exodus during the winter break. Those who do not leave hibernate, as the sun goes down early, and we are all drowsy by 4:30 p.m. It turned out to be one of my favorite school breaks ever. That happiness flowed into January.

Christmas brought surprisingly fun toys, and here are the kids playing blocks.  They are doing it in a non-traditional way.  Our neighbors (who live pretty far away) could hear them banging away.  But they played, and we had so much fun together.

I created a sensory pool after Christmas filled with dry Lentils.  Each of the children spend time each day playing and languishing in the lentil pool.  I spend a good part of each day sweeping loose lentils.

Knox learned quite a bit of Chinese over the break.  I had removed anything remotely fun, including Netflix and youtube from my phone.  His last option: learn Chinese.  He can read and write in pinyin, and his pronunciation is exquisite.

Oh, those eyes.  Baby Lukey was the best Christmas baby.  He sleeps through the night, and naps awesomely.

Drew cooked and cooked.  Here he is with his new cleaver.  It helped me, as I worked through 'Body for Life'. He cooked me amazing meals as my body got leaner, my cravings diminished, and my energy increased.
Sarah received a monthly Tinker Crate, and she has mastered doing them solo.  She made fun catapults, and automatons, which we played with for hours.
Part of my Body for Life was consistant exercise.  Andrew pulled out his 10 minute Torchers, which Knox fell in love with.
Knox practiced his Torchers every day.
And Luke is just crazy cute.
I can honestly write that this was my best January in my memory.