Off to school-my favorite ritual

It is quite an ordeal to get ready to catch the bus in Burton Idaho. My children sometimes look like they are getting ready to race the Iditarod.  We live far enough from the road that they cannot merely wait in our toasty music room until the bus appears down our road.  They have to leave before the bus is spotted.  Once we see the bus, they have basically missed it.  If they make it out in time, they have to run while their peers watch them, race down the driveway, winded as they climb the bus steps.  I understand how they feel, because I did the same thing on the same bus.
Before they walk out the door, we read the scriptures and pray, and then Luke and Peter Knox race to the front window to say 'Bye bye'.  Sarah and Steele often give them high fives through the window. 
They watch their brother and sister until they are gone.  Oh, I had to have a picture of Knox's wrench for posterity.  He loved his wrench this winter, and fixed everything with it.
It is one of my favorite rituals.  "Bye bye!"  (Can you see the bus in the blurry distance?)