Around the kitchen island

I have started to notice that I take a lot of pictures around our kitchen island.  This is Sarah and Steele making a Gak-like substance from their latest Tinker-crate.
When we built the island, we thought we only ever have three children, but we were happily surprised by a fourth.  Hooray!  Hence our table for five.
Now, do not have enough seats for everyone.  That has not mattered yet, because our caboose has been occupying his highchair.  But no more.  He boycotted it.  He will not eat in his high chair, but eats like a champion seated on our high suspended island chairs.
And I love him.  He is just so darned happy in his big boy seat.  We just cut his hair too.  It makes such a difference.  I love that he knows to smile when I get the camera out.  Smart boy.
This one has not quite grasped the sit still and smile action that the camera should evoke.  But he looks awesome in pink.
Happy Sabbath.